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ISE Labs operates a state-of-the-art, engineering driven reliability laboratory for device qualification and reliability evaluation needs. Customers can rely on ISE Labs' expertise in engineering services to characterize, evaluate, compare, and assess wafer processing, foundry sources, and assembly processes. Reliability services include product suitability and reliability analysis on devices designed for use in computers, consumer electronics, automobiles, networking and telecommunications equipment, medical devices, military applications, and many more.

Trusted Services Supported by Experienced Staff
Since 1983, ISE Labs is committed to serving the semiconductor community and help customers get their products to the market quickly. With decades of experience, the engineering experts can work with customers to develop a test plan and get the data needed to ensure quality products. All reliability services tests are performed per JEDEC, MIL STD, EIAJ, IEC, STACK, CECC, ISO, IPC, or other customer-specific standards.

Reliability Services Reliability Services Reliability Services
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